27 5 / 2014

Anonymous said: We are still a starting subscription box company. If we send you a free box, would you review it?

Yeah sure. :)

27 6 / 2013

Here I go off onto my little rant on my iPhone about the company Little Black Bag. Ordered this bag on Friday. I came home happy to see a package from them today. I opened up my package to find out that my bag doesn’t have the strap. What the hell!?!!!! Can you please check every order to see if ALL the bag is in each box!? So I called up little black bag and complained. She asks me to check inside the zipper of the bag… Why would I call if I haven’t checked inside and out of the bag?! I unraveled all of the wrapping paper to check too. She says the thing is something about their provider won’t have that extra part… So what the hell yo? She asks if I want to exchange it for the same item. Why can’t you just ship the stupid strap off of a different bag so you could mark it as a loss on the other bag!? I said okay I will just return it. And she asks me when I receive the shipping label to write exchange on it. I am so confused. I been having an error every single time with this company. I really think this is the last straw. Customer service isn’t that willing to do anything for you and isn’t sorrowful if that something stupid happened to your order and blame it on someone else. Customer service I received today and in the past were not amazing. www.littleblackbag.com

12 6 / 2013

Bulu Box is the first sample service box to send out fitness related samples. Each box is $10 each. There is a regular box, and there is a weight loss box.

The weight loss box gives you information about each product about how to lose weight. The regular box gives an overall wellness samples and tips about being healthy and exercise.

Here is the regular Bulu Box for this month:

This box was pretty mediocre. Some of these products were recommended by a few fitness gurus. Not really interested in any of these products, but probably that rice krispy look-alike.  


Fit 'N Crisp Vanilla Marshmallow [pmx-170013.jpg] - Click for More Information

Fit ‘n Crisp by Promax: This rice crispy is only 140 calories and has 13 grams of protein. It also has 0 artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup. Can’t wait to try this! Sample Value: $1.69

Aller DX | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

Plantiva AllerDXThis product is suppose to boost your immune systems’ tolerance to the environment. Meaning it will decrease allergies, while strengthening the kidney and calming over-active liver function. Suppose to work in minutes. How interesting! Sample Value: $1.46

fitmixer amino grape

Fitmixer Amino: This product is suppose to give your muscles more fuel to burn longer by increasing nitric oxide production. It reduces fatigue and improves muscle recovery. Sample Value: ~$0.77

NeoCell Beauty Burst Mint Chocolate | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

Beauty BurstsThese fruit gushers is suppose to promote healthier skin, nails and hair. Interestingly it has collagen, hyaluronia acid, and vitamin C. Sample Value: $0.53

Artisana SuperFoods Nut Butter | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

Artisana Superfood Nut Butter: I got the berry cashew butter flavor. This suppose to suppress hunger and makes you feel full longer. I am not very fond of these but I will give it a true. I wonder how it will taste like… Sample Value: $1.75

Total Value: $6.20


This was quite depressing until I opened the weight loss box.

Here is the Weight Loss Bulu Box for this month:

This came with tips on how to lose weight. Like eating breakfast, drinking a lot of water, sleeping on time, ect.

Thin Pill | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

The Thin Pill: Full sized product! Finally. I been taking these pills for awhile and I feel like it hasn’t helped me lose weight, but it did suppress my appetite. Maybe I have been eating badly lately… so this product does work!  Sample Value: $29.95

Fit 'N Crisp Vanilla Marshmallow [pmx-170013.jpg] - Click for More Information

Fit ‘n Crisp by PromaxSame as the regular box! Sample Value: $1.69

fitmixer amino grape

Fitmixer AminoSame as the regular box again. Sample Value: ~$0.77

JCORE Zero Lite Lemonade | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

JCORE Zero Lite: Initially thought this was a protein drink. More like a gatorade, this is made with teavigo green tea which boosts metabolism and break downs fat while supporting cardiovascular health and increasing antioxidant activity. Sample Value: $0.44

NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder 150ct. | Bulu Box - Sample Superior Vitamins and Supplements

NeoCell Beauty Builder: Same people that made the beauty bursts, this one is more of a tablet form of the same qualities. Really hope I see something out of this sample. Sample Value: $0.50

$5 Giftcard to http://www.gym-pact.com/

Total Value: $38.35

The Verdict: B again

I am happy with the weightloss box only this time! A full sized product that I am actually interested in. Very disappointing products with the regular bulu box because for 2 reasons: 1. Not worth 10 dollars. 2, I wasn’t really interested in anything except the fit crisp. Ah well, there is always next month!

I love Bulu Box and how they give you basically a dollar for reviewing all the samples they send to you. I am basically getting 10 dollars back so I could buy the full sized products. :)

If you use my invitation to sign up: click!

I will send loads of good karma your way. :)

17 5 / 2013

Popsugar Must have box

Right when I was just about to cancel my subscription. This box pretty amazed me.


Kooringal - Giselle Mid Brim Hat

Kooringal Giselle Mid Brim Hat ($28) – This hat is awesome! I never had a sun hat before and I always was thinking about picking one up. Now that I got it in my box I am so glad I do not have to go shopping for one. Perfect for the Spring and Summer. It is “crushable and durable” so I could stuff it in a bag without worrying about it getting ruined.

Charm & Chain $30 Gift Card – I checked out the website and they do not have anything that really appeals to me. Their prices range from $20 to $500. Probably will use the giftcard on a $50 brooch for my mom.

The Modern Margarita Variety Pack

The Modern Margarita ($9) – I love margaritas! There are 5 awesome flavors like watermelon, blood orange, and mango. Plus it comes with the rimming crystals! Just got to buy a bottle of tequila.  

Questions I Ask When I Want to Talk About Myself by Mindy Kaling

Questions I Ask When I Want To Talk About Myself Deck ($14) – I really hate The Mindy Project show. I could care less about this. I read some of the cards and it kind of just goes over my head because of my biasness toward that show. The blurbs are not funny, and this isn’t something I will pop out at parties.

Beautyblender Travel Kit

The Orginal BeautyBlender and BlenderCleanser ($25) - I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I been wanting to buy this at Sephora but I think its like 20 dollars just for the blender. Good thing I held off on purchasing this as well. I am so excited to put on make up using this item. 

Color Quench Lip Tint from Pacifica

Pacifica Natural Color Quench Lip Tint ($7) - This is made with essential fatty acids from rich and amazing avocado and coconut oils leaving luscious and healthy lips. It is 100% vegan and gluten free. I was scared putting this on because of its dark tint, but it actually goes on like chapstick with barely adding any color to my lips. I love the smell, and it makes my lips very smooth without being sticky. 

Way Better Snacks - Simply Sweeet Potato Tortilla Chips

Way Better Snacks - Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips ($3) - Gluten-free, non GMO and made with sprouted ingredients for better nutrition and digestion. I would love to purchase more of these because these are very yummy squares not so overwhelming sweet potato. 

PopSugar Tote Bag ($2) - Pretty cute! I definitely use a lot of these “eco” bags for groceries and such.

Total: $118

Verdict: A! Last 2 months have been graded a D. What a comeback. I really loved all the items EXCEPT that damn Mindy girl. This box would have been a B if there wasn’t a BeautyBlender in it. Just when I was about to cancel, I think this box saved it. 

If you sign up using my link I will send you tons of good karma your way. :)

Use code REFERFRIENDS for $5 off your first order.

17 5 / 2013

IPSY May 2013 Unboxed and Reviewed

The Box: Glam Bag by Ipsy

One of the best bags so far! I will forever stay with Ipsy. 


ZOYA Nail Polish in Piaf ($8): This is a metallic yellow. Pretty much a opaque gold color. I have this nail polish currently on my nails. I applied it last week and it BARELY chipped.

NuMe Finishing Serum ($5): It barely smells like anything but it smells pretty good. The texture is hard to describe. Its like touching a liquid powder. It looks sticky, but it is very light and great for hair. I do like this product a lot since it’s texture is unique. 

Pacifica Roll-on Perfume in Island Vanilla ($12): This roll-on smells great! It smells exactly like an island vanilla. Almost like a flowery vanilla.

Juice Beauty Reflecting Gloss in Pink ($15): I wasn’t a fan of their setting spray so I was thinking negatively about this product. But I do like this gloss. It feels super moisturizing on your lips and it does not feel sticky at all. The color is very opaque which is a plus for me. I think I will give their brand a positive outlook now.

 yaby Concealer refill in Buff ($5): I am not a fan. It has a magnetic bottom which is a plus. Otherwise, it is too light in color for me. 

Urban Decay Moon Dust Eyeshadow in Stargazer ($20): This is a bonus item given to people who have referred 2 people. I am really excited to try out this eyeshadow. I love gold eyeshadow and I feel like I use it often. So to get a gold eyeshadow from Urban Decay is amazing.

Total: $65

Verdict: A! The total of $65 for the price of $10 a month. I really did wish I got the Pacifica Coconut Crushed Pearl body butter instead of their perfume. Otherwise, I love all the products I received. Plus the bag is very cute. I will stay an Ipsy subscriber until I get overloaded on samples.